About Our Approach

Guiding Principles

The development of the NCS Close Apart plan followed three primary goals:

Protecting health and safety
  • Getting everyone back to campus and keeping them there can happen only if every member of our community is committed to it
    • NCS will do its utmost to provide a healthy environment, both physically and mentally, in which to learn
    • Families of students, faculty, and staff will do their utmost to protect that environment with responsible behavior outside of school
Pursuing academic excellence and community connection
  • NCS will create learning spaces that maximize the talent of our faculty and the capabilities of our students
    • NCS is dedicated to sustaining our strong teacher-student relationships and the social-emotional needs of our young people
    • NCS is a bonded community of people committed to lifelong learning and to supporting one another
Preserving flexibility and adaptability
  • NCS will adjust its educational model to one that works equally well in person and in remote learning
    • Academic schedules and calendars will be revised in service to the above goals

Building the Plan

In the spring, members of NCS administration, faculty, staff, and the Governing Board began identifying what the school would need for 2020-2021. The three working groups focused on:

Academic continuity and coordination
Health, safety, and facilities preparedness
Financial and business strategies

Each group consulted with parents, students, faculty/staff, and experts on public health, remote education, and facility preparedness experts on public health, remote education, and facility preparedness. Daily meetings over the summer allowed an ongoing review of information gathered, including the latest recommendations by governments as the COVID-19 situation progressed regionally, nationally, and globally. Action steps took shape, and the path ahead was defined.

The groups were aware that the Guiding Principle of protecting health and safety could preclude getting people back to campus at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. Developing plans for starting the year remotely and shifting back to campus later in the year were also part of each group’s charge.

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