Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, NCS has remained committed to providing an equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students. The Remote Learning Plan we implemented in March to complete the 2019-2020 school year fostered learning and connection through a variety of methods as well as promoting student wellness.

When we can go back to campus, NCS will introduce a blended-learning model built around both in-school instruction and remote education with an online component. Our aim here, as in the spring, is to achieve a balance that enhances both academic continuity and community connection.

This blended-learning model is based on what makes an NCS education unique.

Led by highly gifted and dedicated faculty, students will take part in a vigorous and exciting educational experience. Our daily academic schedule will provide plenty of opportunity for students to make discoveries through a rigorous and approachable curriculum, to identify emerging strengths and new passions, to work directly with their teachers, whether in or out of class, and to obtain support when needed.

Our community-gathering events will remain an important part of NCS life. Cathedral and chapel services, athletics and physical education, divisional assemblies, clubs, and co-curricular programs provide interpersonal connection, at a time when young people are craving this togetherness. The opportunity for reflection, personal growth, and companionship with peers is something we value highly, and we have created more opportunities for these communal moments.

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