Attendance and Accommodations

Whether we are learning remotely or in blended learning, if a student is sick or has encountered circumstances that may prevent her from engaging in learning or co-curricular activities that day, a parent should notify (Middle or Upper School) or the Lower School office no later than 8:30 am. The student should check in with her teacher during office hours to ask questions or get caught up; students can access assignments from MyNCS. Depending on the length of the absence, the student and teacher may discuss altering deadlines to make up missing work.

An NCS education relies on personal connection between teacher and student, as well as among peers in the classroom. For that reason, our Close Apart plan prioritizes, to the extent possible, students’ ability to work in person with faculty for an extended period of time.

If, while we are operating in a blended-learning environment, a student is unable to return to the classroom with her cohort for medical reasons, an academic plan will be developed in consultation with the school nurse and respective division director.

Faculty, too, may be unable to come to class—if, for example, one is caring for a family member who has been quarantined. In these situations, the teacher would lead the day’s instruction via Zoom, while an adult classroom facilitator would provide in-person support for students gathered in the classroom.

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