Holding Classes Outdoors

NCS faculty and students have long made the most of our surroundings in advancing our education, whether it is 4th graders finding their “special place” in the Bishop’s Garden or Upper Schoolers discussing a novel together in Oak Court.

The grounds of the Cathedral—the Cathedral Close—extend 57 acres, and NCS Close Apart intends to make the most of this blessing by utilizing outdoor space as learning areas where feasible.

Several spots naturally lend themselves to such usage: for instance, Curran Courtyard at Woodley North, the East Terrace around the flagpole, and the All Hallows Amphitheater. Some of these are shared with other institutions on the Cathedral Close, so an equitable system for reserving space is being discussed.

We recognize that outdoors instruction will not work for every subject. For example, the requirements of face masks and social distancing will spread classes out, perhaps too far to hear the teacher sufficiently when outside. Weather is another factor that bears consideration.

NCS is also considering using our grounds at other times during the school day—during lunch and Lower School play, for example.